Aline Ochoa developed a strong eye for shapes and three- dimensional construction through her studies of architecture. She started out looking at the physical form of her own body. Having defined her canvas let her to create her own layered “moulage” technique. This as a base she searches for inner virtues of her Woman. “It is important for me to first look at the body but then go beyond to explore the mood & spirit of each unique personality”, Aline says. The body becomes her canvas on which her interpretation will take shape, in a similar approach of an artist’s portrait.

In her eyes the dignity of the spirit & mind calls for noble and high quality materials, assembled carefully applying the traditional couture and innovative techniques of construction. A quality that stays not just for a season but aspires to be a part of the woman’s personality and becomes almost as much as her own skin in the moment she slips into her chosen dress. In doing that Aline Ochoa tries to create a “home” for her woman’s emotions, so both dress and her nature can become one. In feeling well-balanced, Aline Ochoa’s women communicate self-consciously the image of a unique, elegant and beautiful being.

After winning the 15th International Contest for Young Designers in Italy in the category women’s wear, she started her career working for renowned « Haute Couture » houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy or Azzedine Alaia, Alexander McQueen... Three years later she founded her own eponymous Couture Label. Besides, she was in charge of costume design in productions for Hollywood feature movies, as well as for Paris and Tokyo’s Operas.

In 2011 Aline Ochoa teamed up with her husband, photographer Tom Bauer. Together they created ready to wear collections; but Aline finally decided to quit ready to wear to focus entirely on Haute Couture. Her passion being to create unique and personalized pieces in close collaboration with her clients. Tom also searches and creates the images that inspire Aline’s designs and some of them find their way to be printed onto the fabrics.