B to B Creative Services

Consulting & Collaborations

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  • Oversee of the creative team
  • Dynamics
  • Ideas incubator
  • Research process
  • Message communication
  • Management of the development process
  • Commercial & social facts analyze
  • Trend research
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  • Style orientations formulation
  • Collection plan
  • Choice of color range
  • Choice of materials & prints, texture
  • Design of styles and technical sheets
  • Key detail sample « pièce d’étude » & detail development
  • Technical specifications for manufacturers Including: material reference, colors, measurements, finishing and amendments to final prototype.
  • Advice for manufacturers & suppliers Europe and Asia.
  • Advice for sourcing sustainable materials
  • Advice for ethical production
  • New technologies research and advice
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  • Analysis of the brand identity and its symbols
  • Analysis of needs and requirements with the market involved
  • Research on specific new technologies
  • Proposal of livery concepts in keeping with brand image and mood of the times: color codes, material, etc.
  • Markers; dress design according to the client codes
  • Technical style: Fact sheets; amendments to final prototypes.
  • Presentation and enhancement of the approach with internal teams.